Welcome to
the 21st-century
Business V3.0

Business in 2020 is a major inflection point and one that we are acutely aware of as the landscape changes in front of our eyes. We are entering business V3.0.

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Now is the time to engage in some creative destruction as prescribed by Schrumpeter (1911)

From the chaos of leaving the largest trading partner, to seeing our workforces adapt to remote working. There is an urgency to transform to new cultural, working, leadership, motivational and process methodologies. Welcome to the 21st-century Business V3.0 (remote version).

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Future-proofing our work habits
and personal time is the new mix

A successful organisation still requires collaborative situational analysis. Even when the team is in remote locations. Reviewing the current and future environment from a micro/meso/macro perspective. Presenting indicative roadmaps should be the norm for an organisation.

A unique once in a generation
opportunity presents itself

To embed E2SG [Employee, Ethical, Sustainability and Governance] will add value and ultimate longevity. Pundits talk about shareholder value being paramount. Is it if it drives the best employees away? Is it if it drives loyal customers and suppliers to your competitors? We have spent our careers embedding E2SG into procurement, supply chain and finance processes. Adding value to our culture, work processes and building a fairer world as an added benefit.

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Mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool

I am a catalyst working at senior business levels. I mentor managing directors and senior executives. I am a catalyst, mentor and education/training services provider.

I have a track record of providing organisational and personal enhancement services. That drive long-term value into both the organisations and individuals. I offer in-depth knowledge of organisational culture. The methodologies for planning and rewiring strategies. My key strengths include creating robust strategies to aid organisational growth. An awareness of how culture and good governance enhances personal and business ecosystems. For the benefit of all stakeholders. Something I have been doing for over thirty years.

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