Mentoring is 'a powerful personal development and empowerment tool' according to mullins (2007).

It is fundamental in helping to generate the next generation of business leaders. Creating the confidence to work through issues and opportunities. To reflect upon successes. An independent mentor is a crucial facet in dissecting these opportunities. In the development of roadmaps to achieve personal and organisational success. Reviewing the current and future tools and techniques will enable the best results. For any given person and environment and is a staple art of any capable mentor.

We review the professional and personal symbiotic relationship within the protégé. We look for serendipity within the confines of being entrepreneurial (Dew, 2009). Building on the foundations of emotional intelligence. We probe proteges to look over the horizon in a discursive approach. Aiding in the understanding and knowledge of digital transformation. For remote working at a personal and corporate level. By ensuring that it promotes positive cultural change as the ultimate desired outcome.

Ashca Limited specialises in Catalyst work. By altering the velocity of change. By availing the person/organisation with alternate routes. That need a lower activation method (OED, 2020). For civil society and private sector opportunity creation, problem-solving and road mapping. We review the tools and processes in achieving a harmonious cultural environment. Digital transformation in remote working, leadership & motivation and corporate success. Are memes that are being currently undertaken. By building fusion and/or viral ecosystems. That is fit for the 21st-century business environment. By embedding E2SG (quadruple bottom-line) approaches into the core of the person/organisational.

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